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New-generation AI open platform

2019-08-03 11:06:34

BEIJING, Aug.2 (Xinhua) – China’s Ministry of Science and Technology has published a guideline to further speed up the construction of new-generation artificial intelligence (AI) open platform and push forward AI technology innovation and industrial development.

According to the guideline, the new-generation AI open platform focuses on the key segment of AI, gives full play to its leading role in the industry and effectively integrates technical resources, industrial chain resources and financial resources.

Meanwhile, the platform is seen as the crucial innovation carrier that could continuously output AI-related core R&D and service capabilities.

Besides, the Ministry of Science and Technology will spare no efforts to continuously promote technology innovation in the key section of AI, quicken the pace of achievements transformation, provide open and sharing services of software and hardware, and guide small and medium-sized enterprises and industry developers to enhance innovation and start businesses.